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Motor Coach Jobs is the leading niche career center that connects employers and job seekers in the motor coach industry. Since 2016, Motor Coach Jobs has worked with 100+ motor coach companies across the United States and Canada to attract top talent including clients such as; Disney, Coach USA, Windstar Lines, Arrow Stage Lines and many more!

How can we help your company find qualified talent?

Here at Motor Coach Jobs, by registering your account and job openings on our niche job board, our talented team will manage the entire process of promoting your company job openings online. This includes; 

  • Share on our Facebook page with 1,600+ followers
  • Listed in our monthly newsletter to over 1,000 registered users
  • Targeted Facebook marketing campaign to your local market (targeted based on interests, education, location, job title, job status and more!
  • Listed on our partner sites; Zip Recruiter and Appcast
  • Listed in Google For Jobs 

Subscription model

Our primary audience of clients are routinely hiring for one position; Motor Coach Operator. Therefore, we offer our services with a subscription model to continually advertise your job opening through our website, Facebook audience and other online sources. 

One advantage our service includes is no cancellation fee and no minimum required sign up. Check out our services today and see what results your company can get. 

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