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Motor Coach Jobs started the job board to solve two major, growing problems in the motorcoach Industry. The first problem was a growing driver shortage for motorcoach companies across the board. The second problem was the difficulty in finding these companies online when job seekers were looking for them. Motor Coach Jobs is meant to solve both of these problems at the same time, connecting companies and drivers.

What sets us apart from all of the other job boards online is exclusivity. Unlike other websites devoted to a wide variety of jobs, our site is meant for one job only; Motorcoach Operator. This makes the search very simple for job seekers, and the value very clear to motorcoach companies.

Job Seekers and Employers have a variety of ways to connect through our job board. Job Seekers can search for jobs near any location, set up alerts to be notified of matching new jobs, upload their resume for easy access, and view featured jobs and employers. Employers can post jobs for job seekers to apply to and search for qualified candidates through Resume Search. Employers can also set up resume alerts to be notified when a job seeker with certain qualifications registers with the job board.

We hope you all find great use in Motor Coach Jobs and would love to hear your feedback.

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